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Stock Tips – The Butcher of the Pigs and Sheep.

Yes, I was a pig. Greed over came me and I took a tip without even doing the slightest fundamental or technical analysis. Tips can be useful but they should be taken with a grain of salt. When the red flags start flying don’t trust others trust your own experience. For instance, my online broker account gave the day of the earnings announcement for the stock. I had bought options… Continue reading

How to pick a Online Broker

Picking an excellent online broker really comes down to two things in my mind.  First of all what tools do they offer for the basic account and do they have a low commission fee structure.  One of the most valuable tools I’ve found so far is the live streaming of quotes and graphs.  Without that I can not make short term decisions.  A 20 or 15 minute delay can really cause… Continue reading

Adding Amazon's Quick Linker Widget to WordPress

Amazon provides a Amazon Widget called Quick Linker. This widget can be used to easily add a affiliate link from your blog post back to a product on Amazon. For example here is one for WordPress for Dummies.  If you already have a Amazon Affliate account it is just a matter of logging in and getting the script it generates for you. But where do you paste it?… Continue reading | 2 Comments

How do you look up a Amazon ASIN number?

Finding a Amazon ASIN is easy with a these tools. Continue reading

Naked Shorting – The Fleecing of the Retail Stock Trader

I’m relitively new to trading in securities.  I have stayed in the realm of stocks and options.  All the books I’ve read like A Beginner’s Guide to Short Term Trading by Toni Turner have said that you are in a minus sum enviornment when you trade stocks.  By the very nature of the size of the money I have to invest I realize that I’m at a disadvantage.  But… Continue reading