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Four Steps to Obtainable Goals For BJJ

Did you set yourself resolutions at the beginning of the New Year?  Have you already fallen off the wagon?  Martin Rooney, a combat athlete trainer and author of Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout was interview on… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Gracie’s and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coming To America

No matter how many times you hear a story, if the teller is different each time you find out details that you have never hear before.  In the interview just recently done by entitled #195 Jiu-Jitsu Takes Roots in the USA they talked with Richard Bresler, one of the first students of Rorion Gracie, about when Rorion… Continue reading

How To Get Underhooks from Guard

The same night I hurt my thigh I learned a sweet technique from one of our purple belts named Chris.  Now I’m not the best at describing techniques but here it goes.

You have your opponent in Guard.  You opponent is laying on you with underhooks.  You want to get underhooks on him. I place my palms in his eye sockets.  I push him back and quickly with my right… Continue reading | 1 Comment

The Pain and Agony of Jiu-Jitsu

Last night I had a great time at class.  I lost a lot of rolls but got in some good sweeps.  It was the first time I did a Balloon Sweep.  I ended up stopping about 15 minutes shy of the full hour and a half because of a injury.  I don’t even know how I did it.  All of… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Using Mental Rehearsal or Visualization To Improve your Jiu-Jitus

I’ve been blogging a lot about throws and takedowns for use in BJJ.  I’ve ordered a few books and done some training in class.  But I don’t get enough physical practice.  I just don’t have the time or partner to do it as often as I would like.  In fact I’m still sore from the last class.  I was thinking about one of the winter Olympics where I saw a… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Marcelo Garcia Bares It All

No Marcelo is not becoming a centerfold.  But he is exposing his game.  Marcelo was interviewed on a while back.  He and a friend talked about his new website  I was interested when I learned that they had taken the approach of teaching as a chess master would in studying other masters games.  I was also very surprised… Continue reading

Throw, Throw, Throw Again

Hip Throw, Double Leg takedown ("Baiana"),  Single Leg takedown, Seoi-Nage, and Osoto-Gari to name a few of the throws or takedowns employed in BJJ.  What do they have in common other then taking your opponent to the mat?  They take a lot of practice.  Last night we worked on take downs.  We started off by practicing how to land correctly.  It hurts when you slap that hand to the mat… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Jiu-Jitsu and Changing Diapers

This is more of a funny post with a observation on how Jiu-Jitsu can be of daily us.  You see I’m a father of 3 and the youngest is just about to turn 2.  He is still in diapers.  On a holiday like today there will be no BJJ class and because I’m home I will get extra diaper duty.  As I am always trying to look on the bright… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Book Review of "Rogue Black Belt – Book One" by John B. Will

Most of the books I read are technical in nature.  After reading excerpts from John B. Will’s "Rogue Black Belt – Book One" I decided to order "Book One" and see what came of it.  I like to read.  Every now and then I come across a book I just can’t put down until I finish it.  "Rogue Black Belt – Book… Continue reading | 3 Comments

Does Your Brain Change with BJJ?

I had a boss once who had taught college level math classes.  She told me a story one day about a student who had really struggled until one day, snap! It all clicked.  My boss was convinced that a physical change had taken place in her brain.  Studies of London cabbies show that the mental maps they have to create to… Continue reading