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Jiu-Jitsu "No Talk" Learning Experiment

John B. Will in his book "Rogue Black Belt – Book 2" talked about paying attention when being taught a technique.  He said "Sometimes I pay such close attention that I don’t listen to what the instructor is saying.  I very, very closely observe what he is doing, and do… Continue reading

The 4 Steps For A Successful Ashi-Barai Takedown

Here is the second takedown or throw we practiced the other night at BJJ class.  It took me a few days to find its name.  Once again I’m sorry I put my finger on the mic.  My hands were also shaking after the work out.


The Ashi-Barai is about shifting your opponents… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Hockey Mom vs Jiu-Jitsu Mom

The other night at class it was pointed out that the video I had taken in my post West Side Classic 2010 Kid’s Tournament has one of our West Side girls and that you can hear her Mom rooting for her.  That in and of itself is nothing interesting.  What caught everyone’s attention was the vigor with which the mother was cheering… Continue reading | 4 Comments

The 5 Steps For A Successful Ochi-Gari Takedown

The Ochi-Gari is a great takedown to practice that isn’t to hard on your training partner.  I had a great time doing it last night at class.  Here is a video demonstrating it (Sorry, I had my thumb over the mic).

Ochi-Gari Takedown

I’ve been doing some posts on throws and takedowns because… Continue reading | 1 Comment

That Hurt! So Why Am I Laughing?!

Tonight we practiced some Judo throws.  I’ve got them on video and I’ll post them after I get the names documented correctly.  We practiced falling properly and went right into it.  After a while it goes without saying you hurt.  Throw to the left, throw to the right, stand up, throw down, until you get it right.  So why did I find myself laughing each time I hurt?  Its true… Continue reading | 2 Comments

West Side Classic 2010 Kid’s Tournament

Today was the West Side Classic 2010 kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  Here are a few video clips I took of it.

Its amazing how many kids there were and how well behaved they were.  I didn’t see anyone acting out or causing trouble.  Maybe that was they because they were to busy dancing?  What!  Did you see the girl in the blue gi?  I think she was practicing a take… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Where Do You Wear Your Gi?

When I first started BJJ I of course noticed some of the more flamboyant kimonos right off.  I noticed that some of those wearing them came walking into the school with them on.  I was surprised to find out that they wore them in public.  I thought for my personality that was way to flashy.  I wouldn’t want to call attention to myself in a white one let alone brightly… Continue reading | 6 Comments

Hit’em High and Hit’em Low, Leg Locks Are The Way to Go

During class last month my instructor, Mark, said you should be attacking high and low.  When your arms are bound up then you should be working with your legs to get sweeps, create space, or anything that will increase your position.  Like wise if you legs aren’t being effective then work with your arms.  I’ve taken this to heart and tried to remember to move my mental focus to the… Continue reading

The Rear Naked Choke Works on a Pit Bull

I am always amazed at how useful BJJ is.  You can use it to change diapers or choke Pit Bulls.  It changes lives for the better all the time.  When a 9 year old boy can feel empowered enough to try a Rear Naked Choke on a attacking Pit Bull that says loads about… Continue reading

How Do I Know When To Tap?

Isn’t that obvious you say?  When it hurts, tap!  Apparently it isn’t that clear to everyone.  This Russian model and bodyguard didn’t know when to tap, "Former Russian Model Killed in Carjacking", even though she had Jiu-Jitsu experience.  There are more factors that play into it.  In her case the Porsche was more important then her life.  What are the things that… Continue reading