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4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Gi


When you started out in Jiu-Jitsu you most likely got a starter gi.  It didn’t cost much and it was a beginning point.  Now you have been doing BJJ for a year or more and have picked up one or two more expensive gis.  These… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Gi Cross Choke from Closed Guard

Gi Cross Choke from Closed Guard

I edited this video and it didn’t come out very good.  It had some talking that wasn’t part of the technique.  It still gives enough detail you can figure out what to do.  This was taught by Chris in the advance class on Monday.  I found with… Continue reading | 1 Comment

Broken Toes, Mangled Knuckles and BJJ


Last nights class was good as always but it wasn’t without its mishaps.  Josh, while doing a umpa broke his smallest toe.  Yes, that is a picture of his foot, courtesy of Mark.  The smallest toe doesn’t look broken.  Maybe a little swollen but Josh… Continue reading | 8 Comments

Sushi Day and The Jiu-Jitsu Roll!

Tona's Awesome Sushi

Its sushi day!  I don’t go all that often as my usual tab is $40 just for myself.  So it is a special treat, sushi day.  If ever you are in Utah and want the best sushi to be found come… Continue reading | 3 Comments

What’s With The Socks!

Grayson-Pink-Gi-Arm-Bar Yesterday I posted "Do You Wear Socks During BJJ Practice?".  I got the most hits for a post and the most hits in a day for my site.  I got the most comments on a post I’ve… Continue reading | 5 Comments

Do You Wear Socks During BJJ Practice?


Do you wear socks in class?  What about wrestling shoes?  Have you heard of Grapple Socks?  Have you seen someone at your school wearing them?  Why would you were anything?

I wear your typical white cotton socks. I wear them… Continue reading | 13 Comments

Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense

Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense Part 1 –


Can Opener Double Arm Bar Defense Part 2 –

We went over the Double Arm Bar in class last week.  For a guy like… Continue reading

BJJ Technique – Can Opener Defense

Can Opener Arm Bar Defense

One of the first times I really got hurt in BJJ was when I under estimated the Can Opener Submission, a neck crank.  I didn’t think I was in trouble.  I figured I could bend inward enough that it couldn’t be effective.  When my neck started popping it… Continue reading | 4 Comments

Turtle Side Control Sweep and More on the "Giant Johnson"

Turtle to Side Control Sweep
Giant Johnson Variation 1
Giant Johnson Variation 2

Its amazing the technology we have… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Development Milestone – Tap Out Pat

By way of a journal entry.  I tapped out Pat Monday for the first time.  No, small accomplishment in my book. I was 1-4 against him that night.  I still have Chris, Miles, and Grayson to go and then Mark.  But one tap out at a time.

Pat was in a gi and the Ezekiel I got on him wouldn’t fly in no-gi but that’s the point of a gi… Continue reading | 1 Comment