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Tomoe-Nage to Arm Bar on Takedown Tuesday

Tomoe-Nage to Arm Bar 1
Tomoe-Nage to Arm Bar 2

It has been a while since we had Takedown Tuesday.  We went over Osoto-Gari and I think the other was called Oshi-Gari.  It involved grabbing around… Continue reading

Marcelo Garcia – Counter Arm Drag to Back Control

As I am learning more about getting to the back I’m always amazed at how there is a counter it seems to everything.  I’ve been working on improving my Arm Drag technique.  I figured that was a good place to start in my quest to get to the back.

Marcelo Garcia gives a excellent example in this video of how to counter a arm drag.  At the same time… Continue reading | 2 Comments

3 Top Picks for Back Control Technique Instruction

In the movies before the fight begins the good guy usually asks his buddy and side kick “You got my back?”  In BJJ its just you and your opponent during the fight.  The only one who is going to get your back, in a literal sense, is the person you least want there.

I’ve decided I want to be the guy who is the most proficient at getting the back… Continue reading

The Devil is in The Details with Technique

I watched the Marcelo Garcia highlights video on Georgette’s Jiu-Jitsu World.  Marcelo makes it look so effortless getting to the back and most of all putting in that Rear Naked Choke.  But I’ve come to understand from experience that The devil is in the details.  I learned this when I tried to master the Triangle.  I found… Continue reading | 5 Comments