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I’ve decided to start a new site dedicate to collecting stories of BJJ in action.  I hear so often about the conflict between sport and street BJJ.  All the masters of BJJ always emphasize the importance of why Helio Gracie created BJJ for self defense.  There are tons of sites out there that service the sports side. I don’t know of any specifically about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in practical use on… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Learn Terrific New Defense and Be Unbeatable!???

be-unbeatableThe ad reads: “Never again be humiliated, afraid.  Fearlessly defend yourself against any and all attackers.  Defeat brawlers, karate, judo experts, even trained boxers!  Black Belt Vern Schroeter has invented powerful easy-to-learn Unbeatable Self Defense system.   Brand new book teaches you… Continue reading

JiuJitsuMap Works the Escape on JiuJitsu Mom!

I posted last year “Hockey Mom vs Jiu-Jitsu Mom”.  Well yesterday my comments were validated when I got these two comments on the post:

“Anyone trying to make or sell Jiu Jitsu Mom shirts are infringing on a registered trademark Serial number: 77-173996 Filed 5-7-2007” – Kelly Boccadoro


“I have all Jiu Jitsu Mom T shirts for sale….call XXX-XXX-5218!!!!!”- Kelly Boccadoro

Talk… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Utah Rigan Machado Seminar 2011

You may recall that Rigan Machado was scheduled to come to Utah 2009 when I posted “Rigan Machado Comes to Utah”.  It never worked out.  For what ever reason it was canceled.  It looks like this time its going to happen.  Here is the information I’ve received about the forth coming seminar by Rigan Machado:

Date and Time: Thursday April 7th 5:30 –… Continue reading | 2 Comments

Hayabusa Ashi MMA Footgrips VS Cotton Socks

Ashi_socksIn January I did a post “Hayabusa Ashi MMA Footgrips VS Grapplesock VX2”.  I picked up the Haybusa Ashi MMA Footgrips at and gave them to a friend… Continue reading