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How to Keep a Audio Journal for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Smart phones have become the mainstream.  I’ve found my iPhone is only as limited as my imagination.  I can find new and productive uses for it all the time.  The other day I realized how handy the Voice Memos application is that is standard on it.  To often thoughts come to me and I am no where near my computer… Continue reading

Signed Belt Certificate Promotion Recognition for Money

ribeiro-jiu-jitsu-certificateSome time ago I blogged about Under the Table Belt Promotions in BJJ.  There were some strong opinions on if you should receive a certificate or something documenting your promotion or not.… Continue reading | 9 Comments

Human Weapon: Hand-to-Hand Military Combat and BJJ

Rear-Naked-Choke-Human-WeaponThe other night I watched Human Weapon – Hand to Hand Military Combat.  Of course I was interested in how… Continue reading | 2 Comments