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Ralphie Uses the Mount to Beat the Tar out of Scut Farkus


I’ve never been one to start putting up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but this year we wanted to feel more festive.  We looked in our collection of decorations.  There was nothing for Thanksgiving.  We had a few pictures the… Continue reading

Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques by Marcelo Garcia

My copy of Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques is in the mail!  Years ago I bought, The X-Guard: For Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, No Gi Grappling

MMA Fighter Uses BJJ Rear Naked Choke to Stop Robbery

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in action on the street

Brent Alvarez is a MMA fighter with a (2-2-0) record according to  But I think he had his best fight yet when he bagged a bad guy.  I always like to see BJJ in action.  This isn’t the first… Continue reading