My Jiu-Jitsu T-Shirt Collection


My school, West Side Jiu-Jitsu, has a new logo.  As you can see hear it rocks.  Of course this means a new T-shirt.  I brought home my new T-shirt and my wife washed it.  This morning I was excited to wear it.  But I ran into one problem.  It went something like this:  "Mmmmm . . . lets see that is the tournament shirt from the West Side Classic, . . . oh and that is the old logo T-shirt.  Wait here it is!  Nope that is my BJJ flag shirt . . . Holy Cow how many have I got!  Where is my new T-shirt in all of these BJJ T-shirts!"  I couldn’t find it for some time.  I had so many BJJ T-shirts.  I started counting them up.  I found that I have about one T-shirt for every month I’ve been training.  Now I don’t go buying one each month and yes I dress to express what I love, Jiu-Jitsu.  But still how did I get so my T-shirt like this!  At this rate I’ll have nothing to wear but BJJ T-shirts.  I even made my own Jiu-Jitsu Triangle T-shirt.  So how many do you have?

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One Response to “My Jiu-Jitsu T-Shirt Collection”

  1. Man, I only have four! The sad thing is I don’t own any Westside stuff. I have a couple Tap or Die, and then my two t-shirts from the past two tournaments. I need to rep my school better, all I have is a torn up old logo on my 4runner.