Tournament Software for Jiu-Jitsu

I’ve decided to write some software for doing tournaments.  There must be others out there.  What do they use at all of the big tournaments like the Pan Ams?  I haven’t heard of any.  When I Google I don’t find any specifically for Jiu-Jitsu.  I’m not really in it for the money.  I want to write something for the smaller tournaments that can’t afford the big ticket software (what ever it is).  One of the first things you do in software development is discovery.  I’m lucky because I have got to volunteer at West Side Classic the last two years.  It gave me a real feel for how a tournament is run.  This has helped me understand from a organizers standpoint what is needed but I don’t have a strong feeling on what a participants is like.  That would come from someone who has experienced may different tournaments and can tell me what they like best.  So all of you out there who compete.  Please share with me the good things about tournaments you liked and the not so good.  Please give me some comments on what your wish list would be in a tournament.  For example: I wish I didn’t have to wait in line for registration.  I wish I could do it online.  That’s a simple example, I know.  Please share with me.

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  1. Talk to Richard Cesena–the man competes all over the world.

  2. I REALLY dislike not knowing when I’ll be on the mat. I have yet to go to a tournament and not warm up and cool down twelve times before I think it might be my turn. Even if they could get it within an hour, that’d be great.

  3. I thought of that one too. I’ve got it covered. 🙂

  4. Having the ability to choose different styles of tournements. Such as a round robin or bracket style.

  5. How is the software coming along so far. I’m interested in see it if done. Please let me know about progress.

    Thank you.

  6. Because I can’t quit my day job yet its going slowly but surely. I have the feature list created and I’ve begun work on the framework. It will have a SQL Server 2008 back end with Silverlight front end. I have begun coding. I have a lot of local tournaments for BJJ and other sport events to try and test it at.

  7. Hi there,

    Really interested in your software. Please advise when it is available as we are looking at purchasing one.

  8. I’ll keep you in mind when its ready.

  9. Great, I’ve been searching everywhere for a software like the one you’re developing. You can definitely put me on your list. Very interested.

  10. I’d be glad to Rafael. I’m a one man team so I’m not moving fast. I’d love any feedback you would like to give about features you would like to see in the software.

  11. yes, waiting to know when you roll is a huge plus! I’m interested in the software too. Sign me up. Osss.

  12. You are on the list, Manny. Thanks for the interest.

  13. I run the COPA NOVA tournament in Sterling, VA. I am currently using bracketing software from ( The software works but has limitations. One of the limitations is that I am unable to import the .csv data that is exported from the eventbrite webpage. This would save time and money if I was able to import the data instead of manually enter every competitor. It would also be nice to have some sort of notification when a bracket is single threaded. I have lots of ideas and I am also a competitor under Relson Gracie and have been training for over 8years. Keep me in the loop with any updates or progress.

  14. Thank you, Patrick. This is very helpful in doing our design. Any one replying to this post and including their e-mail will be updated or notified of progress.

  15. We are definitely interested in getting updates when this software is in beta testing or is complete!

  16. I will add you to the list. Thanks!

  17. Yes, I’m definitely interested. Please send me updates of when the software is ready too. Thank you

  18. Will do.

  19. Sounds like we were in a similar situation. I compete at tournaments and have found that their systems are quite antiquated. I started a year ago working on this and am starting to get some traction. We have run our software at the USOpen, American Cup, All Stars, NY Pride, and our in house tournaments. There are so many tournaments out there, the best advice I can give you is to get with a reputable promoter that is interested in investing in and growing a series of tournaments. Hit me up with an email and we can share some ideas.

  20. How is the development coming? I am running a kids tourney this summer and am looking at different options. Please keep me updated.



  21. Thank you for the interest JD. Progress is slow because I didn’t quite my day job :). I don’t think I’ll have it ready for your summer tournament but I won’t forget you since I now have you on the comments. Please comment with any features you would like to see.

  22. Thanks, Tom. I have some questions for you already about the different brackets you provide. I’ll get in contact with you.

  23. What is the coolest tournament ‘feature’ that you have seen at a tournament? How could you improve on it??
    I really liked how the IBJJF used the jumbo-tron at the Pans to show the matches. I would improve it by having the score of the match shown along with the video.

  24. Thanks Tom, that would be an excellent feature. I had something similar in mind.

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  26. One feature that would be great would be updating weight brackets easily on the fly. This would allow tournaments to move people up a bracket if they miss their targeted weight. Right now, the big IBJJF tournaments just disqualify people without a refund.

  27. Thank you, Scott. I didn’t know about the disqualifying. That would anger me too.

  28. Did you ever finish coming up with a tournament software?

  29. Because I have to keep my day job, I work on it in my spare time. Its coming along but slower then desired. Right now I’m working on the bracketing algorithms.

  30. Hey, hope all is well. Just checking up on any progress. Thanks.

  31. Its going slow. I haven’t quit my day job. But I am still making progress. Thank you for checking. I could use some user feedback. Please tell me the features you would like to see the most.