West Side Classic 2010 Kid’s Tournament

Today was the West Side Classic 2010 kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  Here are a few video clips I took of it.

Its amazing how many kids there were and how well behaved they were.  I didn’t see anyone acting out or causing trouble.  Maybe that was they because they were to busy dancing?  What!  Did you see the girl in the blue gi?  I think she was practicing a take down but it looked more like ballet.

The Gym is Full –

These two did a great "Spin the Bottle" move or at least that is what I’m calling it.  Around and around we go where we stop no one knows.

Spin the Bottle –

I couldn’t help but call this one the "Dance of Death".  They were really going at it.  While I watched I thought these two may go the the prom together some day.  They will dance different then but for right now the boy sure wants to seoi-naga her.

I couldn’t stay to watch it all but everyone seemed to be having fun.  I saw a few tears from losers but they were quickly consoled by their coaches.  Next year I think it may even be bigger then before.  This is the only kid’s tournament that I know of in Utah.

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